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26 February 2009 Lab Meeting Agenda

  • Status: compressed air and vacuum. Happening NOW.

Bioanalyzer - 2nd training March 3 9:30am
Pressure sensor - quoted $325 SP70A or $1000+ SP70D, returning old one for them to look
A roll of Kapton film available

† Announcements

  • MicroTAS abstracts.

† Flu R01

  • Up to 130 total.
  • 3:30 pm phone conf. on Monday 3/2, Patty and Jim
  • Plaque Assay. pfu's 10^4 - 10^6 diretly from samples
  • 3/13 Cathie meeting with Nira Pollcak - more samples
  • BUMC _ John Connor - Cathie IBC amendment. Two transportation steps

† SEPSIS Project

  • Submitted to Integrative Biology.

†RNA project

  • Will run fresh extract from Anirban with Agilent guy on TU.
  • New proposal with Fraunhofer for food.


  • Integration test from here forward.
  • Test ongoing with Rubber adhesive tape for Sol-gel.
  • Test with engineered SERS substrates

- Still in discussion for dicing
- Same method with Sol-gel

  • Flu Concentration and Cleaning. Kit, UCentrifuge, Quote from Beckmann.
    • benchtop or floor models searched, price range 32K+, waiting on quote.

  • Substrates (JZ)

- Try glass fixture.
- magnets hold Teflon substrate in place and make sure they sink
- they crack as soon as left dry
- nanopatterned COP provides access to repeatable morphology *try EBEAM gold on COP
- Engineered COP substrate?

    • three categories of making new sbustrates 1) ebeam COP film, 2) COP hot eboss EVAP, 3)stamping/other intermediate method. (JD)

  • Colloid experiment.

- Do Rhodamine.

    • ordered

-Need a size specific positive control. PS beads? charged?

    • 1um unmodified, undiluted PS beads give distinctive spectrum on Ranjith's substrate
    • co-evaporating diluted PS beads didn't give a signal: difficulty in locating concentrated particles

† Valve Array/Valve building - done.

† Fraunhofer: LOAC

  • Paper drafting!

† Biointerfaces group

  • Final experiments were done.
  • counting the number of trapped cells
  • adding experimental results in the draft paper.

† CIMIT- Colson Grant

  • IRB still in revision.


  • Developed a new protocal for PCR coating
  • Simulaons of DNA chain model are running (60 beads).


  • Cathie submitted One pager Whitepaper. Waiting for response.


  • PReliminary no-valve design for 25 microliters.
  • Sonali try to do 10 microliters in the tube

† Senior project

  • Megan
  • FEP Teflon film arrived.
  • Cutter plotter prototype to be soon bonded.
  • Now has access to 3" wafers from MCK.

† F31: Cochlea

  • Cell/matrix paper blocking controls. Likely final questions... when is Decorin up/down regulated--- is there an association between fibronectin and actin cytoskeletons during regeneration? Obtained feedback on culture paper.

† Silica Optimization (Lambda):

  • Do full spectra on dirty controls - with PG and Without PG
  • try another color DNA dye.
  • UPDATE The invitrogen Nucleic Acid Stains Dimer Sampler Kit was ordered on Tuesday


  • reading about all the different stains to

Specifically buy http://products.invitrogen.com:80/ivgn/en/US/adirect/invitrogen?cmd=catProductDetail&entryPoint=adirect&productID=N7565&messageType=catProductDetail