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18 August 2008 Lab Meeting Agenda

  • Announcements

† Discussion of Time for Fall Semester Group Meetings
Type when you are NOT available for group meetings HERE:

Cathie: MW afternoon, F all day

† Other Announcements

  • Project progress reports

†Flu R01

  • Still working on meeting time
  • Planning plaque assay


†SEPSIS Project

  • Check if Amlee can do backscatter electrons on new SEM
  • EF experiments over again.
  • Hussam did sonication of SP solution


  • Alexis needs flow rate and capacity information for input device design.
  • Alexis given information on 8/6
  • How much blood debris can we tolerate? SIze? Total amount of debris? Max amount of detergent?
  • Done
  • IBC for our lab pending - Alexis will give us the requested revisions
  • Cathie do IBC for COBRA
  • Tests on chips with covers underway
  • May need to investigate multilayer design
  • Janes substrates work with PMA but not glycene?


†Fraunhofer: LOAC

  • Still troubleshooting

†Biointerfaces group

  • Brett is making the device

- Bird Flu - Sepsis - diarrhea all requires PCR
- l




  • Working on a test chip to examine mat'ls compatibility

†Senior project

†F31: Cochlea

  • 3 antibodies working
  • Renewing animal protocol form

†Silica Optimization (Lambda):

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