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Journal club structure In each class, 3-5 participants will have 15 minutes each to individually present new topics. You should have at most 10 slides if you prepare a PowerPoint presentation. You can, instead, show figures directly from the PDF versions of your cited papers. (Tips on how to read and present scientific journal paper can be found at http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~bios311/bios311/bios313/tips.html). You are encouraged to talk with the instructor with any problem during preparation of your presentation. Please send your slides to instructor before the meeting. Other members of the class will be expected to provide feedback by asking questions during your presentation. These comments should be constructive. It is expected that your classmates will ask you interesting questions or bring up issues that you can't immediately answer, and that we will all learn from the feedback! You are encouraged (but not required) to bring a laptop to view Wiki pages and related scientific papers during in-class presentations. You should choose a paper and fill in your name at http://www.editgrid.com/user/jiankuihe/iGEMpaper



Including some knowledge about c++.