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Microsat do-overs

  • Dilution plate for RUB101012: 14 ul H2O, 4 ul CBA14/RUB262, 2 ul RUB126
  • Was going to load five more samples left over from PCR plate RUB100929, but the plate was lost during freezer defrosting.

Seed scarification

  • In case more seedlings are needed in order to make this a publishable study, I started preparing them for germination:
  • 4 tubes of 25 seeds each: Davis arm, Paved trail urs, CSP2A, CSP6A, BWP pens, KRC1
  • 4 tubes of 18 seeds each: BWP hybrid
  • 2 tubes of 10 seeds each: MCD ulmifolius
  • Where applicable, seeds were pooled from different collection dates.
  • Diluted old Clorox bleach 3X to make an approximately 1% sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Added 2 mL per tube and left at room temperature for one week.
  • The plan is to try to germinate half of these as soon as I can get a growth chamber available to me (windowsill in lab didn't work too well last time), and put the other half through the 6-month temperature treatments before trying to germinate them.