IGEM Outreach:Synthetic Biology and You Interactive Workshop (Gr.12)

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All About Bacteria: How Clean Are Your Hands?

  • Waterloo iGEM 2011
  • Aimed towards Grade 12 Highschool students
  • Download handout and presentation outline


The aim of this activity is to teach students about the basics of synthetic biology, its application into various different industries such as Pharmaceuticals and Energy. Along with this there are two interactive workshops that deal with hot topics related to synthetic biology in industry along with a BioBricks activity that teaches students what is done in the lab.

  • What industries are affected by synthetic biology?
  • What are BioBricks?
  • What current issues are there related to synthetic biology and genetic engineering

Explanation of Materials

  • SynBio & You Presentation for Grade 12 students with speaker notes
  • Design Your Own Pathway Activity: A list of BioBricks with certain situations where we want students to piece together the right promoter, GOI and other genetic elements to fit the desired situation we described to them. We give them a list of BioBricks and have placed them on colour coded pieces of paper and students race each other to finish the activity first. Students are placed in groups of 4 and place each completed situation on the board using sticky tack to put the color coded pieces on.
  • EnviroPig: A genetically modified pig which has been a hot topic in the Canadian biotechnology industry. This package is what we handed out to students to give them an informed opinion of various political, economical, environmental and social perspectives. Their task to is to convince us, the town members (aka the judges) whether funding should be continued or not for the EnviroPig. We provide students with markers, large pieces of paper and put them into groups of about 4.

Downloadable Materials

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