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Colony PCR

  • Ran colony PCR of colonies 1B-9B from ligation attempt #2 according to the same protocol as used on 7/1.
  • Then ran a 1.0% agarose gel of the nine PCR reaction solutions against a 1 kb ladder, but the resulting gel failed to show any evidence of either insert or vector, so will have to rely on sequencing and digests of miniprepped plasmids.
    Gel of colony PCR from ligation attempt #2 Lane 1: 1 kb ladder, Lanes 3-11:PCR products from colonies 1B-9B, in order
  • Miniprepped liquid cultures grown from colonies of first ligation attempt (colonies 1A-4A) and second ligation attempt (colonies 1B-9B) according to standard miniprep protocol.

This day's activities are also recorded on page 47 and 48 of the hard copy lab notebook.