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Transformed Colonies from Ligation Attempt #2

  • Checked on plated transformants and observed the following:
phsABC/B0015 system
Reaction #1 (control) 2 colonies
Reaction #2 (2:1 insert:vector) 4 colonies, numbered 1B-4B
Reaction #3 (2:1 insert:vector) 5 colonies, numbered 5B-9B
Reaction #4 (large control) 0 colonies
J23114/P0312 system
Reaction #5 (control) numerous* colonies
Reaction #6 (2:1 insert:vector) numerous colonies, somewhat more than #5
Reaction #7 (3:1 insert:vector) numerous colonies,about double #5
Reaction #8 (5:1 insert:vector) numerous colonies, about double #5

numerous=more than readily countable

  • Inoculated 5 mL liquid Amp/LB cultures with colonies 1B-9B and let grow overnight at 37 on shaker.
  • Set aside plates 6-8 in the fridge to work with later.

This day's activities are also recorded on page 46 in the hard copy of the lab notebook.