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July 26th, 2010

  • Met with Synthetic Biology Research Group
  • Located supplier and placed order with Julie for E. coli strain with the copper efflux gene knocked out
  • Ran two gels on purified DNA from gel bands
  • Received sequence of copper construct sample from UVA subteam and compared to design sequence to determine if construct was present in PCR product
  • Worked on mathematical modeling
  • Started overnight broth cultures of cotransformed (RFP and GFP) cells in LB carbenicilin and kanamycin, TB carbenicillin and kanamycin, and LB with no antibiotics
  • Measured OD of overnight cultures (above) at 6.5 hours growth
  • Started overnight broth cultures of TOP10, EGFP, ACGFP, and DSRED cells for spectral unmixing
  • Uploaded journal entries onto iGEM WIKI
  • Autoclaved glassware, supplies, and biohazard waste