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July 13th, 2010

  • Worked on developing primer design and making sure there are no errors in the sequences
  • Prepared the project description for team review
  • Observed liquid cultures of E. coli with the transformed copper promoter attached to the CFP gene after adding copper solution to the mixture- observed fluorescence with UV lamp after spinning down the cells- treated with 1ml of copper sulfate solution
  • Observed X-gal plate with CFP round 2 PCR
  • Utilized the spectrofluorimeter to observe fluorescence of the E. coli with the copper promoter construct
  • Inoculated LB-Carb flasks with overnight RFP culture and placed under 3 incubation conditions (37 C with shaking, 37 C without shaking, and at room temperature)
  • Did readings of the fluorescence of our cultures of RFP under the 3 different conditions every hour
  • Met with high school students as part of an Education and Outreach program to discuss iGEM and future research opportunities
  • Prepared overnight cultures from the copper sulfate cultures (above) that fluoresced to retest copper promoter construct