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June 29, 2010

  • Performed a mini prep on CFP and YFP- (1.5 ml vs. 3ml- 1.5 ml twice)
  AC-CFP-A	60.0 ng/ul	DN-CFP-A	55.3 ng/ul
  AC-CFP-B	54.8 ng/ul	DN-CFP-B	64.4 ng/ul
  AC-YFP-A	40.7 ng/ul	DN-YFP-A	54.9 ng/ul
  AC-YFP-B	57.9 ng/ul	DN-YFP-B	57.9 ng/ul
  • Quantified DNA and analyzed results of the mini prep
  • Analyzed the second PCR product
  • Performed rapid transformation using 1st PCR product from june 28th for future stockpile
  • Prepared plates from the two YFP glycerol stocks for comparison
  • Prepared overnight culture of RFP
  • Worked on regional meeting presentation