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June 21, 2010

  • Met with Synthetic Biology Research Group
  • Miniprepped RFG/CFG/YFP using 50 and 30 ul elution volumes
  • Quantified DNA from minipreps (compared 50 ul and 30 ul water additions to the last step)- (solution: team member/fluorescent protein used/ul of water added at the last step)
  Solution	Value (ng/ul)	  Solution	  Value (ng/ul)
  JE-YFP-50	   7.7	         DN-YFP-50	    22.1
  JE-YFP-30	   2.3	         SB-YFP-50	    5.8
  AC-CFP-50	   8.7	         SB-YFP-30	    5.1
  DC-CFP-50	   3.2	         DN-RFP-50	    19.5
  DC-CFP-30	   1.0	         DN-RFP-30	    18.6
  BT-CFP-50	   16.6	         JC-RFP-50	    19.4
  BT-CFP-30	   8.2	         JC-RFP-30	    8.6
  • Prepared Terrific broth
  • Autoclaved assorted glassware/plastic ware
  • Plated 100 ul of TOP10 (for testing antibiotic media as a control) and new RFG/CFG/YFG
  • Made overnight cultures of CFG/RFG/YFG/TOP10 in Terrfic broth
  • Looked up metal toxicity levels for fish (mercury, copper, and arsenic)
  • Sent emails to other subteams about regional meeting and design changes