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June 8, 2010

  • Figured out RBS calculator
  • Drew out assembly plan
  • Consulted with Matt Lux on cassette design
  • Figured out our pre-sequence to use in the RBS calculator
  • Selected a generic terminator sequence
  • Met with the VBI Synthetic Biology Research Group and refined design of biosensor cassette
  • Obtained sequences necessary to test the promoter and submitted to Matt Lux for review
  • Researched and made decision on primers for PCR
  • Consulted with David Ball about fluorescent proteins; contacted other iGEM team members about the filters they have available for fluorescent proteins; made decision on which fluorescent proteins to use for the biosensor
  • Read and discussed articles on USER and IM-Fusion; decided on the USER standard of fusion
  • Outlined Initial Project Design Report
  • Constructed primer sequences to use for PCR for copper promoter