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July 27, 2010

Took a look at the gel from yesterday of EGFP and MicF and was disappointed to see no bands in MicF and a 3 kB band in EGFP. Took a break from the treacherous EGFP and mini-preped a colony from each of the 4 transformations from 7/22/10. This was done using the Promega prep kit instructions. Using the nanodrop I got the following concentrations for my mini-preps:

  • Transformation A, Plate 1: 117.12 ng/uL
  • Transformation A, Plate 2: 84.53 ng/uL
  • Transformation B, Plate 1: 248.39 ng/uL
  • Transforamtion B, Plate 2: 261.05 ng/uL

Francis then ran a PCR to see if the insert was in the cells. I don't know where the procedure for that is though!