IGEM:University of Illinois Urbana Champaign/2009/Notebook/Bioware 2010 Gold Bioremediation/2010/10/18

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A gel was ran for the digest insert verification from 10/16.

A PCR was done for multiple parts for later digestion:

  • B0015
  • B0034
  • J23100

PCR Purification was done to all of the PCR products and had a yield of around 60 ng/uL for all of them.

Digestions of golT, golB, golS, B0034, and pSBIT3 was done in preparation for a ligation.

A gel was ran of the digestions and golB and golS were extracted from the gel.

Ligations using the PCR’s from earlier in the day and the gel extraction was done to combined the following:

  • golT + RBS + pSBIT3
  • golB + RBS + pSBIT3
  • golS + RBS + pSBIT3