IGEM:University of Illinois Urbana Champaign/2009/Notebook/Bioware 2010 Gold Bioremediation/2010/09/17

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PCR was conducted for verification of the golT gene. Different golT templates were used including golT template that was made on 8/10, 8/12, and 8/17/10. A positive control was ran using golS as the positive. A negative control where no DMSO was also ran.

Digestions and ligations for golS, golB, Bba_B0015, E0420, E0430, and pSBIT3 was done to make a full construct in a backbone. GolB had a promoter, RBS, and terminator added on while pgolS had a fluorescent protein attached. These were all then transformed into cells via heat shock transformation and allowed to incubate overnight in the 37 °C room. They were taken out the next day and set in the 4 °C room.