IGEM:University of Illinois Urbana Champaign/2009/Notebook/Bioware 2010 Arsenic Bioremediation/2010/10/06

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PCR Purified J2334A215 4 and all ArsRSDM@ samples from gel Sunday


J2334A215 4

DNA: 1.89 μL

VF2: 3 μL

H2O: 25.12 μL

Label: JAC

ArsRSDM2 1

DNA: 1.72 μL

VF2: 3 μL

H2O 25.28 μL

Label: AC1

ArsRSDM2 2

DNA: 2.37 μL

VF2: 3 μL

H2O: 24.63 μL

Label: AC3 ArsR