IGEM:University of Illinois Urbana Champaign/2009/Notebook/Bioware 2010 Arsenic Bioremediation/2010/09/09

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12:30 PM

Verification PCR

Ingredient Amount
10X Buffer 2 μL
10 mM dNTPs .4 μL
Template 1 μL (20 ng)
F Primer .4 μL
R Primer .4 μL
Polymerase .2 μL
H2O 15.6 μL


  • B0034ArsRSDM2B0015pSB1C3
  • negative control DI H2O

Primers: VF2, VR, 20 micromolar


95°C 3 min
95°C 30 sec
55°C 30 sec
72°C 1 min
go to step 2 30X
72°C 3 min
hold at 4°C

UIUC Gel 9.9.10.jpg

Farthest lane to the right contains negative control. Lane to the left of the furthest lane is the ArsR sample. Remaining lanes are Tom's. 1%, TAE, 160V