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12:30 PM

Gas Vesicles BBa_I750016: Ran PCR product from yesterday on .8% gel. 5 ul sample, 1 ul 6X loading dye. 1 Kb ladder. 90 V for 1 hour. Gel also included Francis' samples A-D in lanes 2-5. BBa_I70016 run in lane 6 and the negative control run in lane 7.

promoter BBa_J23119: made glycerol stock, .9 mL 10% glycerol, .9 mL culture. Used the remainder of the culture to miniprep (promega kit). nanodropped. resulting concenctnration at 189 ng/ul.

Gel picture: note bright band in negative control-contamination? correct but fuzzy band near 6kB in lane containing sample.