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Checked yesterday's plates, had good growth on all. Picked colony from plate with 50 ul plated, inoculated 5 mL borth.

4:30 PM

Taking parts out of registry

Promoter: BBa_J23119 plate 1 well 18A plasmid pSB1A2.

10 ul H2O into well 18A of plate 1.

transformed 100 ul competent cells with 2 ul plasmid from kit plate. electroporated and added 1 mL LB for recovery at 37°C. Incubate for 1 hour. Plated 50 ul and 200 ul on Amp plates at 5:35 PM.

NB: tested use of used cuvettes so repeated above procedure with cleaned used cuvette. labelled with "U" and marked corresponding plates with "U".