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Bootcamp Day 5


Set up plate for plate reader

Our samples were in lanes 2 and 3, rows B-G, 250 ul of sample in each well.

Row Lane Sample
B 12M 1 12O1
C 12M1 12O1
D 12M1 12O1
E 12M2 12O2
F 12M2 12O2
G 12M2 12O2


Miniprep. 22 ul final volume, used 2 ul to nanodrop.


12M 324 ng/ul 12O 353 ng/ul



Ingredient amount/reaction Mastermix (16 reactions)
10 mM dTNPs .5 ul 8 ul
10X buffer 6 ul 96 ul
Primer F .5 ul 8 ul
Primer R .5 ul 8 ul
DNA 2 ul added individually to each reaction
H2O 20.3 ul 324.8 ul
Polymerase .2 ul added individually to each reaction

added 27.8 ul mastermix, .2 ul polymerase, and 2 ul DNA template to each reaction.

Samples: 12M, 12O

Primers: Biobrick Prefix, Biobrick Suffix

Program: iGEM001