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Week 8 Day 5

  • Spread the level 2 constructs A-G on spectinomycin plates with IPTG and XGAL for blue white selection as well as plating the transformation of vector pAGM8031.
  • Plated end linkers 2 and 3 on ampicillin and all plates incubated overnight at 37oC.
  • Picked colonies of Agrobacterium tumerfaciens, 2, 3, 4, 10 and 11 and grew in an overnight culture with shaking (28oC) with 400 μL LB and 1μL/mL of ampicillin.

We invited the Cambridge iGEM team up to meet us and discuss each others projects as well as future collaborations and gave them a tour of the NRP, JIC and UEA. We discussed providing Cambridge with our MoFlipper so they can submit their parts in BioBrick form as well.

Jack met with Graeme Byrne to prepare for meeting with InCrops on the 28th of August.