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Floor One

Spore stock preparation, filtering and concentrating (spinning down at 13 000 rpm for 1 min and pouring off supernatant) was continued.

The conjugations were overlayed with 1 ml sterile water, 20 ul nalidixic acid and 100 ul kanamycin per plate. The plates were then left at room temperature on the bench overnight, then incubated at 30°C.

Streak-purified several contaminated single colony Streptomyces plates.

Floor Two

The two cultures for the protein expression of σ AntA were retrieved from the incubator. 1.5ml was taken from each and centrifuged for five minutes. The supernatant was removed from each sample and the remaining pellets were stored in the freezer at -20°C.


The Hotel for the European Jamboree in Lyon was booked.