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Floor 1

Made up 8 l SFM agar media + 250 ml LB (-NaCl) broth.

Streaked plates - lawns of single Streptomyces colonies that were sporulating, streak purifications of contaminated plates and isolations of single Streptomyces colonies found on diluted soil sample plates (39-60).

Streaked S4 strains (ex-conjugation) onto SFM media + Apr (as contains pAU3-45).

Floor 2

Minipreps of grown cultures overnight were prepared, then samples were cut by (i) EcoR1 and Pst1 (ii) Nde1 and Xba1. After incubation samples were analysed using agarose gel electrophoresis fig 2.

Fig 2: Restriction digest reactions using (i) EcoR1 and Pst1 (ii) Nde1 and Xba1. Lanes 1 and 7 are sample 1 colony 1, Lanes 2 and 8 are sample 1 colony 2. Lanes 3 and 9 are sample 2 colony 1, lanes 4 and 10 are sample 2 colony 2