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Today I am contacting the HEAcademy in an attempt to identify possible media outlets for an article which will be based on undergraduate student initiative. This article will incorporate answers from a questionnaire which we compiled in order to find out how iGEM undergraduates use their initiative for academic purposes outside of official curriculum.

The article intends to approach iGEM outreach from a perhaps, previously unconsidered angle. To inform the Higher education sector that iGEM provides a prime example of an academic model that brings out the best in terms of university teaching and student initiative.

This outreach exercise may well form the primary focus of our outreach activity, as it provides a much needed and original perspective to iGEM human practices.

Perhaps a presentation at the HEA conference will provide a chance for an iGEM participant to talk directly to the HE community, which would be a first for iGEM perhaps.

Floor Two

Ligation reactions were prepared using the DNA purified from the excised gel fragments.After incubation at room temperature the samples were transformed into E.coli cells and spread on agar plates.

Mini preps of the grown cultures were performed and samples were stored in the freezer.

Floor One

Examined all plates - plates streaked on Friday are showing Streptomyces sp. with different pigments - indicating production of a variety of secondary compounds. Plates that took longer to grow are now showing signs of Streptomyces growth.

Selected individual colonies to streak from the plates with slower growth.

Numbered new soil samples 52-60.

Repeated dilutions 39-54 (only 10-1 to 10-5). Plated dilutions of 10-2, 10-3 and 10-4 for samples 39-50 on SFM. Thought this was best as they were left over the weekend and contamination was probable.