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July 19th, 2009

- Entered lab at approximately 1 p.m to check the replates (Kan-GFP-paraoxon biosensor). Looks good, lots of big colonies

- Took 1 colony from each section, replated as before, in cyclic arrangement of 6 triangular units, as diagrammed in notebook (see Nora's book)

- made 3 ml starter culures of 5 colonies from GFP plate (didn't have enough YPD to do all 6)

               - start @ 2 p.m

- will pick up Monday , make dilutions for GFP test.

July 19, 2009 P2

Checked plates and it seems there are very few cells growing. Pipette more gently, give more time for recovery, and use a different spreading technique.

Transformation of Longtine PNP PCR Products

I performed a transformation yesterday, 720, to see if I could get any good growth with these PCR products