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July 1, 2009


  • ran a gel of yesterday's PCR (62°C, magnesium gradient)
  • Gel is mostly blank except for 035
  • Looks like we didn't add polymerase and primers, but we certainly did
  • Possibly the change in temperature messed things up?
  • Will use 035C(2) in restriction digest to try to determine nature of the band

Restriction Digest

  • BstBI/BglII double digest
  • Should have 1 fragment at 333bp if we have GFP - AHI construct OR kan-ADH construct
  • Ran a gel of product. Weird: No apparent digest.

Gel Purification

  • PCR. Used purified product as template.
  • 2 MgCl gradients (0 and 2) at 58°C annealing
  • for 49, will try all 4 gradients (0, 1, 2, 4) at 55°C annealing
  • After running PCR, realized we mixed up primers/templates for 139 and 186; they were discarded.
  • Ran a gel; only got funky bands at 850kb; no actual product
Top: Ladder, -DNA, -Pol, 035, -, 49, 213, -, 236, 346. At 55C 41(0), 49(1), 49(2), 49(4)
Bottom: Ladder, -, -, 035, 49, 186, 213, 236, 346
  • 2009-07-01.FragmentPcrAll.jpg
  • must be a mispriming error, which is weird because they are supposedly no redundancies according to the sequence


  • Realized (after running out of polymerase) that we've been doing our reactions all wrong. Correct recipe is below. Will have to order more polymerase and/or use another kind.
  • Correct PCR recipe using Accusure polymerase (20μL RXN)
10μL of reaction mix
10X NEB buffer.. 2μL
Primer 1(5μM)... 2μL
Primer 2(5μM)... 2μL
ddH2O........... 2μL

10μL of H2O/MgCl mix (concentrations of MgCl at 0, 1, 2 4). Use 20mM MgCl

0: 0.......10μL
1: 1........9μL
2: 2........8μL
4: 4........6μL
*Add reaction mix to H2O/MgCl mix at whatever MgCl concentration you desire. Total will be 20μL