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June 27, 2009

  • Miniprep of single colonies picked Friday evening picked from Nora's plate
  • Tony Annie and Nora all picked their own colonies with 200mL pipette tip, grew overnight in 3mL LB+Amp media
  • Restriction double digest with BamHI/BglII
1 μL 10 NEB buffer
1μL 10X BSA
5μL ddH2O
.5+.5μL restriction enzymes.
Heat in 37C water bath for one hour.
  • -Enzyme controls for each sample, 1 -DNA control for prep
  • Ran 1.2% Agarose gel with only Tony and Nora's cultures (All three grew, but will not need all DNA)
1kb Ladder, -DNA, TL, TL -Enz, NY, NY -Enz

2009-06-27 13hr 01min.jpg

  • Bands look good. Will use Tony's DNA ("TL1" for future PCRs).
    • Reminder! Need to take concentrations.
From 7/1
NY4: 426, TL1: 336 μg/mL