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  • We were inspired by the Registry of Parts to create an interactive bioethics “kit.” Users can choose from a series of slides on various topics related to genetic engineering. Like the Registry, we’ve included background information for each slide, including notes for the speaker and a page for users to add their own experience. We hope that future teams will use these slides as templates and reference material for their own presentations, whether to their own institutions, neighboring schools, or the general public. By allowing other groups to update and comment on slides we hope to create a communal forum for bioethical discussion. Our goal is not to come to single consensus on bioethics education, but to provide an opportunity for every voice to be heard.


  • We are currently collaboration with the Calgary and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in compiling our "Registry" of slides. *However, we invite any and all groups to leave comments, add their own or edit current slides. We hope to make this a comprehensive database of slides to help future groups with their own synthetic-biology inspired presentations.

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