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Band extraction


I made with Helena Reyes an extraction from band of the plasmid pBBR1MCS-5 which I need to insert my promoters constructions in E. coli S17 and then conjugate with R. etli.

I had two different samples, at the end we ran a gel to see if the extraction was succesful, one of the samples worked out well and the other did not.

Now I have to measure the consentration of the sample that is Ok so I can calculates the ammounts I need for the ligations.


Helena Reyes made the extraction and digestion of the plasmid. We ran a low melting point (LMP) gel to choose the bands that we wanted. The gel details:

  • 90V, 95 min.

We didn't take any image of the gel, we just cut out the bands that we wanted.

Band Extraction

We used the QIAGEN™ QIAquick Gel Extraction Kit, protocol. We wanted an increased DNA concentration so at the end we only added 30μL of the elution buffer as the protocol indicates.


Helena Reyes ran a gel to see the results

Gel image


 1. Fermentas 100-10000 ladder
 2. pBBR1MCS-5 sample 1
 3. pBBR1MCS-5 sample 2
 The remaining lanes are not of interest for this analysis

Aislado de banda pbbrmcs-5, hyda, pfor.JPG

Gel analysis

It is clear that the sample 1 were succesful and the sample 2 were not. The band from sample 1 is between 4000 and 5000 which is good because the plasmid should be 4.7Kb, the concentration is not as much as the ladder main markers (60ng/0.5μL).


The tubes are in my rack (the one that has the digestions from the promoters).

With this sample I can continue to make the ligation (after determining the concentrations).