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August 31th, 2010

  • For this meeting we seek posibilities in characterization and devices.

This is the list and who will register each device, brick or system.

Some of these bioparts are new in registry


Parts Person
New RBS* Zepeda
LucΔ* Hector
Lumazine Claudia
LuxY* Augusto
LovTAP* Claudia
CcaS Fabricio
CcaR Fabricio
LuxAB* Daniela
New RBS+GFP Jorge Eduardo
New RBs+GFPΔ Jorge Eduardo
Blue Promoter Jorge Eduardo
ptrpL(short)* Jorge Zepeda
LRE* Hector
Prom.Res.CcaR* Fabricio
  • New bioparts are marked.*


Device Person
J23101+NewRBS+GFP Jorge
Inverter+GFP Jorge Zepeda
Cons.Prom+LucΔ Mariana
Cons.Prom+LucWT Mariana
Cons.Prom+LuxAB Augusto
Cons.Prom+LuxY Augusto
Cons.Prom+Lumazine Augusto
Cons.Prom+LRE Mariana
LovTAP Claudia & Daniela
CcaR+CcaS Fabricio
Const.Prom+LovTAP+ptrpL Claudia & Daniela
Cons.Prom+LucΔ+LRE Hector
Cons.Prom+LuxAB+Lumazine Augusto
Cons.Prom+LuxAB+LuxY Augusto
trpL Prom.+Inverter+GFP Jorge Zepeda
trpL Prom.+Inverter+LucΔ Jorge Zepeda
trpL Prom+GFP Claudia
Blue Promoter+GFP Blue Promoter+GFPΔ

  • Systems are coloured by respective sistems
    • Blue-Red
    • Red+Green
    • Green+Blue


System Person
Const.Prom+LovTAP+ptrpL+Inverter+GFP tt Daniela
Const.Prom+LovTAP+ptrpL+Inverter+LucA+LRE tt Daniela
Blue Promoter+GFP Jorge Eduardo
Blue Promoter+LucΔ Jorge Eduardo
OmpC+Inverter tt & LuxAB tt & Cons.Prom+LuxY tt Daniela
AccesoryGenes tt & Const.Prom+CcaS+CcaR tt & Prom.Resp.CcaR
AccesoryGenes tt & Const.Prom+CcaS+CcaR tt & Prom.Resp.CcaR+GFP
AccesoryGenes tt & Const.Prom+CcaS+CcaR tt & Prom.Resp.CcaR+LuxAB+Lumazine