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Meeting with Mexico_UNAM_CINVESTAV team

  • both teams presented their projects. CINVESTAV team's project is about cloning a cold resistant protein naturally present in fish in order to enhance E. coli's survival to cold. They are thinking of applications on agriculture, in order to eventually protect plants from dying in cold weather.
  • The strategy was to synthesize such gene and clone it in a cold expression vector, which has a promoter used in cold temperatures to initialize cold shock. This plasmid, commonly used for cold shock protein overexpression, would be useful to have it standardized for iGEM purposes.
  • CINVESTAV team keeps its position of collaborating given that we are in the same institution and geographical distance is short. Genomics team thinks the same, but since we would like the collaboration to be fruitful, it must be thought what is the best way to collaborate. Genomics's proposal is to collaborate in the part characterization, since we don't have the correct measurement devices and it is likely that the installations in Irapuato (CINVESTAV HQ) have them. Since many things have to be considered for the PoPS calculation, and that the main strength in the CINVESTAV team is theoretical, it is proposed that the calculations are made by them. Also it would be really useful that they teach some theoretical things to our team and some experimental help is given to them. Genomics would be in charge of performing the appropiate experiments in Irapuato.
  • Apart from collaboration at the iGEM level, There was a common thought that it would be extremely useful to start a "local repository" initiative, an instance in charge of redistributing registry parts to Mexican teams. On Arturo Becerra's words, it is straightforward and easy to get the respective materials and technology needed once it is decided where it will be established.