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6th May 2010



  • Proportion/Bioparts (#Copies, promoter strength): We need to take note about the efficiencies of

plasmids by systems. Problems with LRE, Lux Y and lumazine. LuxY and Lumazine, will be synthesized

with a strong promoter.

  • General formula (luminescence). Explain the general formula. Formula considers substrate-protein

concentration. The advantage of this formula is the literature related, in the article. Formula

includes cytosolic Luciferin. Formula lack of double luciferase activity.

  • Physical Design. Related 4 April, link image.
  • Team purposes make both physical designs, aisled (unidirectional) and open (multidirectional).
  • Limits. Quantity of L-cystein, for this we purpose a rich medium of L-Cystein.
  • Culture medium. Transparent, there are many options but in can be made.

We need:

Make a list for variables in model.

Re analyze the strength of promoter Vs copy number of plasmid.

Establish good proportions for concentrations in different bio-parts.


  • WetLab partners are going on in constructions.


  • We will synthesize sequences in GenArt.


  • Exposition with instructors.
  • Ask for illuminometer.

Other stuff

Take note about importance of good Logbook.