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Modeling & WetLab Meetings


Each system will be taken with an input and output. The initial basis of each system is the integrative biological parts, to model each one. So far, we recognized 9 systems. 3 physicals systems and 6 biological systems divided by input/output 3:3.


αT[Luc]+ βT[Luc-in] --> Red Light.

βT= βT-1+ βLRE + βconsumed


β= Different concentration from promoter strengths.

Initially, our system needs an initial inoculation whit Luciferin. After degradation of Luciferin to oxy-Luciferin, LRE regenerates Luciferin.

We need to know, Pops for every transcriptional response in LovTAP.

Short-term goal:

Kinetics of LRE.