IGEM:UNAM Genomics Mexico/2009/Notebook/Wifi coli/2010/04/08

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April 8th, 2010

  • We dedicated these days to make all the constructions with details, by lists and graphs.


  • Alpha System. Receptor for red and this release green light.

UNAM LCG.Meetings. 1.8thApril.jpg

  • Beta System. Receptor for green and this release blue light.

UNAM LCG.Meetings. Beta.8thApril.jpg

  • Gamma System. Receptor for blue and this release red light.

UNAM LCG.Meetings. Gamma.8thApril.jpg

  • For bioparts which are not reported, are new or are in pre-released of this year. We will synthesise them or obtained by PCR.

-Lux Y. 1Kb.

-CcaS/CcaR 3.3 Kb

-LRE 1.1 kb


  • People who will be in Wet-Lab are working with protocols and strategies to create bio-systems.