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Objective: Research the instruments necessary for light measurements (Emission and Reception)

  • Bioluminescence measurements:
Wallac Victor 2 multilabel counter.
Video image analyzer.

  • Spectral measurements:
Spex spectrofluorimeter 

  • Illumination sources used to activate photoreceptors:
A dye laser pumped by the third harmonic of a Nd:Yag laser provided a 10-ns, 80-μJ/mm2 light pulse at 477 nm.

The bluelight pulse was provided by a white light camera strobe flash (1 ms, ~100 mJ pulse) filtered through Corning Glass  filters 3-73 and 4-96, and a Corning 100-nm band pass filter with maximum transmission at 400 nm.

Blue AlGaInP LEDs (theledlight.com, 20° viewing angle, 8,000 mcd, 468 nm λmax at 3.4 V) were powered by a 3.3-V, 4-A AC adaptor (Mouser). The radiant power delivered to the samples was estimated using a hand-held power meter (New Focus).


I sent a detailed document to Paz by e-mail.