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  • Using Project and Bio-SintetizArte design the other seven html's and css's.
  • Chech link integrity.

Work Description

The groupparts tag

Today I encountered one more unpleasant surprise: the groupparts tag. This is a tag written into the wiki box as an html tag that generates an ugly table with the bioparts uploaded to the registry. <groupparts>iGEM2010 UNAM-Genomics_Mexico</groupparts> is the sintaxis requireg to generate the table with all the parts registered by the team UNAM-Genomics_Mexico in the year 2010. I'm hopping no awfull unpredicted behaviours will arise from the insertion of this tag in THIS wiki. My reccomendation to myself is to avoid this tag completely. Some table and link properties have no class or id associated, wich will make it impossible for us to format them. I believe it'll be better for us to design our own tables if necessary. And we must keep a stringent record of the parts uploaded to the registry, in order to upload them appropiately to the team wiki.