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Entry title

21/05/2011 06:04 a.m.

I have had little experience in the wet lab. This is the first time I have encountered myself in the laboratory alone.

Before taking the gel out, I had to know know, which was the aim of this gel? (I did not prepare de DNA with which it was loaded and it was not stated in the notebook) I decided to look at the concentration of the gel and based on that decided it was not a gel for extraction.

I took the gel out and placed it on the transilluminator

The results were as follows:

Lane 1 Ladder (1Kb Fermentas) Ladder

Lane 2 Forward Negative

Lane 3 Reverse Negative

Lane 4 No DNA Negative

Lane 5 No oligos Negative

Lane 6 5mg DNA Band

Lane 7 10mg DNA Band

Lane 8 Ladder (1Kb Fermentas) Ladder

The expectations were those, concordantly , the outcome is a success (we see what was expected). Now the person who did prepare the DNA (Fabricio López) can use this results to the pertinent analysis.