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Many Isolation of standard pBBR1MCS-5

Our partner Gus needs a lot of plasmid backbone with sitcky ends done by EcoR1 and Pste1 in order to insert 22 constructions, carrying a RFP all of them. But we need to be careful because the plasmid already has RFP so I need to extract many plasmid, digest it and isolate it from band. Today I did 9 digestions and here are the results:


1. Ladder 10 kb
2. Isolation 1
3. Isolation 2
4. Isolation 3
5. Isolation 4
6. Isolation 5
7. Isolation 6
8. Isolation 7
9. Isolation 8
10. Isolation 9

Pae 20 jul 2011.JPG

The only failed isolation is the eigth.