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Digestion of standard pBBRMCS-5

In order to see if the preffix was added correctly in the plasmid I did the digestion of the recent standard pBBRMCS-5 by EcoR1.

The digestion proportions:

Reagent microL
H20 4
Buffer 100x 1
EcoR1 1
Total 10

The result of the digestion is shown in an electrophoresis gel (130V x 30 min):


1. Ladder 10kb
2. Helena's stuff (not important here)
3. Helena's stuff (not important here)
4. ----
5. Standard pBBRMCS-5 digestion
6. ----
7. Fabricio's stuff (not important here)
8. Ladder 10 kb.

Pae 08 jul 2011.jpg

It is not seen two bands in the lane 5 indicating that there is no isoforms hence correct digestion. Moreover the size (~6 kb) correspond to the sum of the pBBRMCS-5 (4950kb) plus preffix-RFP-suffix (1292 kb).