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Colonies red?

The bacteria we put to grow yesterday are shown here:

Pae 08 jul 2011 2.jpg

There is only one colonie red, so we take some bacteria from that line and we put them in both liquid medium and solid medium. The red colony suggests tha one ligation of the plasmid with the standard PCR was correct.

Standard pBBRMCS-5 isolation

Paulina and I isolated plasmid from the recently liquid medium, and the results are:


1. Ladder 10 kb
2. My isolation 1.
3. My isolation 2.
4. Paulina's isolation 1.
5. Pauilna's isolation 2.

Pae 8 jul 2011.JPG

This show that one isolation failed but we are sured that there's a plasmid in the bacteria. The next step is to digest with EcoR1 and Pst1 in order to see if the region with the preffix and suffix was correctly added to the plasmid.