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Results of transformation

1. Petri dish with reaction one (Ligation of pBBRMCS/PCR) showed 7 colonies.

2. Petri dish with reaction two (Ligation of pBBRMCS/PCR) showed 8 colonies.

3. Petri dish with reaction three (Ligation of pBBTMCS/nothing) showed 1 colony.

4. Petri dish with the transformation control didn't show any colony.

However not one was red contrary as expected. This could be because the pBBRMCS-5 plasmid is low copy number(around 10).

In order to see if the ligatio was succesful Paulina pick up all the 16 colines and she plaqued them by lines in a new petri dish. We hope to see the 15 first colonies red and the last one colorless.