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Digestion's gel

This is the result of the digestion made yesterday:

1.Ladder 10kb
2.Digestion of pBBRMCS-5

Pae 24 jul 2011.png

This shows us that apa1 works well, hence we've got the good BL21. This gel also shows us that the plasmid is not clean, because the digestion's lane only show the digested crhomosome.

As control we can see the digestion made on june 18, which was done in a pBBRMCS-5 from an E. coli DH5_alfa. Nothing was digested:

1.Ladder 10 kb.

Gel 18 jul 2011.png

This shows that the plasmid was not digested because DH5-alfa cells are DCM+ so the next step is to transform the pBBRMCS-5 plasmid to other E. coli strain DCM- in this case BL21(DE3).