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Mother's day

  • Lab's day:

Today the team isolated two plasmids, the first one pBBRMCS5 from 6 different cultures and the second one pSB4C5, a description of each one of them is presented below:

pBBRMCS5: A plasmid engineered at Center of Genomic Sciences, which is highly capable to conjugate from E. coli to R. etli (our chassis). This plasmid has a resitance gene for gentamicin and an insertion site flanked by EcoR1 and Spe.

pSB4C5: A biobrick standard plasmid, with an RFP gene inserted and a chloramphenicol resistance marker. A region from this plasmid is going to be amplified in order to introduce the amplified segment into plasmids with conjugating power.

Another plasmid has not been isolated yet, the pRK404.

The electroforesis gel show us that only the pBBBRMCS5 was isolated =S.

On other hand we learned how to use the autoclave machine.


Michael E. Kovach , Philip H. Elzer, D. Steven Hill , Gregory T. Robertson , Michael A. Farris , R. Martin Roop and Kenneth M; Peterson a Four new derivatives of the broad-host-range cloning vector pBBR1MCS, carrying different antibiotic-resistance cassettes; Gene ; 1995; pp 175-176.