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CcaS-CcaR Characterization

Plasmid Restriction

The restriction result is the following:

Restriction Profile Result

The lanes were as follows:

Lanes: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Contents: L6S2 L7S1 L7S2 L7S7 L7S12 L6S2 L7S1 L7S2 L7S7 L7S12 Ladder

We can see the plasmids migrated at roughly the same speed. And we see consistency between all L7s and the L6s. The ladder points to a size of around 2Kb. Therefore, I'm concluding that the ligation was unsuccessful as the plasmids still measure the original 2Kb (controls: lanes 1 & 6), and there's no new 1Kb band appearing in addition to the 2Kb backbone.

I'll try to characterize the promoter by ligating it to part BBa_E0240 (2011 Distro, Plate1, Well 12M, pSB1A2 vector) and normalizing against I20260 (2011 Distro, Plate2, Well 17F, pSB3K3 vector).