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Nando's first H2 entry

  • So I think it's ok to write stuff about my advisor duties here. I am sorry If it isn't the right place.
  • Let's begin with explaining my role in the team:
  • I am an advisor, meaning that I'm there to help the team in whatever they need, and catalyse actions.
  • You're right. I must not take on any work responsibility, greater than helping in minor things.

Role goals

  • So far, my role in the team has been:
  • to make sure that everyone knows what they should be doing, and to make the leap from plans to actions.
  • promote discussion on things worth discussing
  • get my ideas scrambled sometimes
  • (try to) enrich ideas and plans with suggestions

concrete responsibilities

  • organize codon optimization literature mining and participate in workflow organization. check.
  • provided template PERL and R scripts for gene imaging and codon analysis (Gustavo Ruiz in charge)
  • organize creation of monster optimizer for the synthetic biology community and troubleshooting.
  • organize article discussions for all the group. pending.
  • create iGEM manual for team.
  • fun and games for everyone!!