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Filter paper fail

  • Chris has to improve his protocol, but it is not clear whether he did send something again or not. he was asked and the answer is being awaited.

Chris's e-mail

Dear Luis,

I don't suppose that package has arrived yet?

I tried a quick experiment with drying DNA on filter paper, but didn't recover the expected transformants, so it look as though my protocol needs some work, so probably no point sending you the DNA in this format.

I'm afraid my position regarding DHL etc. is the same - I want to help any way I can, but as a university employee, I can't knowingly make a false declaration, especially about a sensitive issue like recombinant DNA. This would be exactly the wrong way to go about generating public trust in synthetic biology. I feel bad about this, after the help you've given us, but I'm afraid I have to stick to that position.

As for what you're expecting: I'm attaching the letter I sent with the DNA, so you'll know what's in the mail.

sorry about all this. I hope it arrives in time to be useful.

best wishes,

Chris F.