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Sharing experimental results

Hi Maria,

It´s awesome that your team has obtained positive results. We are still working to get them.

For the theorical part of our project, the experimental data are very valuable, so if your team agree with sharing with us your results we could test our model in order to know how good it is. One goal of our model is to determine the transfer function between the INPUT (Light to activate a photosensor) and the OUTPUT (Light emitted by the bioluminiscence reaction regulated by the activated photosensor). Up to now, the stimations are made just with data from the literature and taking some assumptions for the parameters unknown. So, if sharing your experimental data is not a problem for your team, it would be great for us.

About Cambridge team, we also tryied to start a collaboration with them in July and their response was - let's stay in touch during the summer, so Mariana contacted them at the end of September. They sent us some Parts (LuxABCDE and some luciferases) using DHL delivery services and labeling the package as "Screw-top tubes with oligonicleotides". On Tuesday we received their shipment. It took just a week to arrive.

Co-transforming with the plasmid that harbors the Lux operon, we are going to test LuxY and Lumazine . Maybe we could compare experimental results(wavelenght-shift and photons emmited). We really hope to obtain positive results with these parts.

The possibility that your team could help us to characterise our LuxY, it's ok for us, but maybe for the judges it would be more valuable if we get the results by ourselves. So, we will try to characterise LuxY as I mentioned.

I really want to thank you for your kindness trying to help us. I'll let you know when we finally receive the shipment that Dr.Chris sent us.

Please, let us know any result with LovTAP (it is the system in which I´ve been working, so I'm very courious and I really expect that it works well).

Well, thank you so much again.