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Bridging with People: UNAM-Genomics Mexico Team & Edinburgh's Illuminati Team

Once both teams started to keep in touch, every team´s member working on the same emission and reception systems have started to stay in contact with each other to share experimental strategies and results.

Here is the share of information by e-mail, working on LovTAP.

Hello Claudia,

thanks for you e-mail- now we can consult lovetap issues! :) We obtained mutated LovTap from Lausanne and this is the sensor we work on just now. We are also going to remove the PStI sites using Mabel protocol, as we don't need to synthesize the whole part. So the difference is in the promoters right now- we are using the standard lac promoter, but we might test it under 3 different promoters from the registry- with low, medium and strong expression level. I haven't discussed it yet with our supervisor, I'll let you know how it goes.

I had set up the experiment to check if daylight is enough to activate the sensor,(I don't know what is the intensity and electron flow yet) but I didn't get proper results- my bacteria haven't grown properly, and the last couple of days were very cloudy in Edinburgh (Scotland!

), so I'll probably repeat it according to weather forecast... i

guess you wouldn't have that problem, would you? :)

We also look at alternative blue light sensor, but it is just a stage of reasearch so far. We'll probably add degradation tag as well, as we are using the reporter system 1 instead of 2, which is a bot worse in case of getting fast response; it would be good characterization of system 1 to check it with and without the tag- what do you think?

I also think that our cooperation will be very beneficial for both of the teams :) Our supervisor said that it happens every year to have few teams coming up with the same ideas, but to cooperate at that stage is really good!

All the best and good luck,


Quoting chernand@lcg.unam.mx:

Hi Marta! I´m Claudia from the UNAM-Genomics-Mexico team, I worked in the planning to design the new LovTAP that we sent to synthesize. As well, I was investigating the details that are necessary to have the correct conditions to work whit it, thus increasing the possibility to get better results. Maybe you have already considered them, but I recommend you to visit my logbook, since this entry: http://openwetware.org/wiki/IGEM:UNAM/2009/Notebook/Modeling_logbook_Claudia/2010/03/09 Then click to the next entries to have more information. You will find some advices that we got from Dr. Devin Strickland, who created lovTAP. Besides, you will find the details of the LovTAP that we sent to synthesize. About our videoconference, I think that even we are working in the same idea, up to now there are small differences in our parts, which is really good, because we can compare between them, and elucidate: Those that work better and how better the work?

Thus, improving the success of our projects and eventually increasing the quality of the parts in the registry. Well, let me now either curiosity that you have. Kind regards, Claudia and the UNAM-Genomics-Mexico team.