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First Video-conference with Edinburgh

  • Today we had the first video-conference with the Edinburgh team. We exchanged ideas, and contacts, and found out what the Illuminati are planning.

Teams Experimental advances:

Emission Systems:

  • Red

Both teams have been working on the same Firefly Luciferase mutation to get the red-shift emission output. However, the distance between the promoter and the RBS is different in each team construction.

  • Blue

Before, both teams noticed the similarity of our projects. The Edinburgh’s advisor kindly sent us LuxAB and LuxCDE PCR products and a plasmid containing the YFP protein:Lumazine. Both teams have failed with LuxCDE.

Photoreceptor Systems:

  • Blue:

Edinburgh team is working with LovTAP, the induction with IPTG doesn´t seem to work well. Our team sent to Mr. Gene a new-LovTAP design considering some improvements reported by the Lausanne team and others based on Devin’s advices, the creator of LovTAP. Besides, our team is using a native E.coli blue inducible promoter but the induction seems to be very weak.

  • Red:

Both teams have failed to get the cph8 chimerical photoreceptor and the producing chromophore PCB genes of the Parts distribution.