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About the delivery information

Hi Mariana

I grew up some cultures for you over night and extracted the plasmids. The delivery people should come in on Monday morning. I would have suggested you buy us a drink in Boston, but looking at the price it looks more like dinner :-( The best offer I could find that is reasonably quick is DHL express parcel, which takes 1 to 4 days, for 26.50 pounds.

I am sending you 5 cryotubes with 50µl of plasmid solution each. We didn't have any genes of the luciferases of Photinus pyralis and Luciola cruciata on their own available, so I grew up plasmids with both the luciferases and the respective Luciferin Regenerating Enzymes. If you need the luciferase separately, you can try PCRing it out. Otherwise you can just leave the LRE in, if anything it will make the light output better and longer. I measured the DNA-content of the solutions:

1 (LuxCDABE under pBad promoter) 269.5 ng/µl

2 (enhanced Photinus pyralis luciferase (EPIC) and P. pyralis LRE with no promoter) 142.1 ng/µl
3 (enhanced Photinus pyralis luciferase (EPIC) and P. pyralis LRE under pBad promoter) 187.8 ng/µl
4 (Luciola cruciata luciferase and L. cruciata LRE with no promoter) 203.1 ng/µl
5 (Luciola cruciata luciferase and L. cruciata LRE under pBad promoter) 176.4 ng/µl

all the plasmids are in the Psb1C3 backbone, so carry chloramphenicol resistance. The pBad promoter is a part in the distribution (BBa_I0500) and is in a plasmid with kanamycin resistance.

I sure hope all this delivery stuff works out.

Best wishes,